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the   BIO-FIREPLACES, decorative fireplaces in stainless steel fueled by bio-ethanol, a source of energy composed of biological elements. They do not require a chimney or power system, they don’t produce ash or any other residues. 
The bio-fireplaces can be installed both indoor or outdoor, perfectly suitable for every environment.
Producer : Althon srl
We can realize unique and personalized products following customer needs, from the product design to its final creation. The executive project is coordinated by our technical office in cooperation with the customer.

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Finitura inox con vetro fume’ Misure 50X50x50 cm
Shipping in 7 days

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MYSTIC OUD Eau de Parfum 30 ML


Mystic Oud è l’essenza del mistero, dell’eleganza pura, divina e senza tempo.

Sottili note di gelsomino unite all’irriverenza della noce moscata e dello zafferano, inducono calde e profonde note di oud, che avvolgono l’intensa morbidezza del Balsamo di Gorjum. E’ il fascino del viaggiatore, che si fonde alla forza del patchouli e alle fermezza del vetiver, mentre intense note d’incenso aprono le porte a una misteriosa sacralità.

Nota di testa: Rosa, gardenia, gelsomino, noce moscata e zafferano

Nota di cuore: Oud, cypriol, balsamo di Gurjum e ambra grigia

Nota di fondo: Muschio di quercia, vetiver, patchouli, incenso e oud

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Viola is an elegant and refined perfume.
A warm and intense essence belonging to the powdery and floral aromas’s familiesand it is characterized by a citrus top note thanks to the lemon of Sicily.
The violet and rose petals are the main pillar for a sophisticated and sensual scent.
The Viola is a unisex fragrance as all the Angelo Caroli’s fragrances.

PROFILE: A welcoming and harmonizing fragrance of well-being.

OLFACTORY FAMILY: Fiorita, Cipriata.

READING KEY: Elegant – Sophisticated – Sensual. MATCHING STONE: Amethyst

TOP: Iris, Lemon, Lilac.

HEART: Turkish Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium.

BOTTOM: Ebony Wood, Amber, Malt.

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Genuine ostrich, silk lining, calf letaher details (inside) Black.

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